UpdatePatrol - A Website watcher 2.1

UpdatePatrol - A Website watcher 2.1



Size:2.1 MB

Date Added:05 March, 2009

Author: Bitberry Software

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Automatically check all your favorite sites and blogs for updates - as easy as checking your email ... Select which web sites to watch and how often you want these web pages searched ... The program will work silently in the background, and notify you when sites or blogs have changed ... The changes are highlighted when viewing them in the built-in browser, allowing you to spot them immediately ... Ignore sections of web pages that are irrelevant, e.g. page visitor counters, timestamps etc ... Web sites are listed in an Explorer-like tree structure like your bookmarks ... When monitoring blogs, all the important data formats (RSS, RDF, and Atom) are supported ... Automatically import IE and Firefox bookmarks ... Whether you re a business person who needs to know about changes to your competitors web sites, a student who needs to stay on top of a breaking news story, or a home user who wants to follow your favorite sports team or movie star, this program makes following hundreds of web sites and blogs as simple and fast as checking your email... EASY to use unlike our competitors ... NO monthly charges ... NO limit on the number of pages you can monitor.

Systems: Windows

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